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Intelligent Processing and Control SW Engine

  • Real Time Operation

    • Multiple Sensors Capturing

    • Multiple Data Streams Processing

    • Automatic adaptation and correction

    • Application specific machine learning algorithms

  • Flexibility

    • Seamless uninterrupted addition or deletion of sensors

    • Uninterrupted  tuning and modification of algorithms

  • Distributed operation

    • Separate servers and workstations combine the resources

    • Solution Expansion


  • PC based - Visual Programming IDE

  • Extensive Modules Library

  • Various HW Interfaces and I/O Points Access

  • Multiple Live & Recorded Data Streams Support

  • Parallel Distributed Processing

  • Networking & Collaboration

  • Reusable Gadgets and Code

  • On-Line Debugging

  • Non-Interrupted Concurrent Program Adaptation

​Applications and case studies:

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