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What We Do

Dedicated Measurements and Control Systems – Sample Projects

Ink Jet Writing Heads Integration System

HP Scitex

Mask Alignment Accuracy Measurement


(Diffractive Optics)

Automatic Test Jig for

Writing Heads

HP Indigo Division

Real Time Printed Patterns Detection and Measurement

HP Indigo Division

Visual Inspection Systems

Edge Inspection

  • Edge Shape Verification

  • Burrs Detection

       and Measurement

Parts Color Inspection

  • Parts Color Verification

  • Color Uniformity and Consistency Measurement

Surface Quality Inspection

  • Surface Defects Detection

  • Surface Roughness

       and Waviness Measurement

Monitoring Processes

  • Real Time Visual Monitoring and Recording in Multiple Locations

  • Real Time Video Analysis and Malfunction Detection

  • Tooling Deterioration Measurement

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