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Our New Business

BrimEX Corporation is a new company founded by the Brimrose Corporation of America and File X Ltd., an innovative company based in Ness Ziona, Israel.

BrimEX Corp. is made possible as the result of a $1.6 million collaboration from the BIRD (Israeli and United States Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) Foundation.

Two years of close collaboration, since 2016, Brimrose and File X Ltd. have developed a superior tool for near real-time sorting and identification, known as the BrimEX 001. The unit is a next-generation hyper-spectral imager with special, multi-dimensional software developed by File X company.


Particle Analysis with BrimEX 001 NIR Camera System

Photo courtesy Brimrose Corporation

The BrimEX 001 is the result of extensive research made possible by a strong team of scientists and engineers, including Dr. Moisey Bernstein, founder and CTO of File X; Dr. Jolanta Soos, Chief Technology Officer at Brimrose; Dr. Feng Jin, senior applications engineer at Brimrose Corporation and the director of the Brimrose concept to utilization committee; and a strong team of technicians and other support personnel.

While still in its prototype stage, the BrimEX 001 is ready for early industrial testing and already is generating significant interest.

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