Synchronized Strobe Light -- OEM (w/out enclosure)


  • Camera controlled synchronized light
  • No need for controller
  • No need for external power supply
  • Powered by FireWire voltage
  • Up to 1 μsec light pulse
  • 3W power consumption
  • Shock resistance
  • Light weight


Full technical information is here

OEM EZ-SyncLed w. special FireWire camera's cable (3m) and w/out enclosure

₪877.00 Regular Price
₪577.00Sale Price
  • 1 unit of EZ-SyncLed without enclosure (OEM).

    1 unit of special IEEE 1394 (FireWire) camera's cable (3 meters length).

    There are 2 additional cabels options for 5 meters and 10 meters length for extra price.


    Full technical information is here